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About Our Founder

Joyce Schmidt Redding RN, BSN, MSN

Joyce Schmidt Redding is a masters prepared nurse with 40+ years of experience in critical care nursing, nursing education, and long-term care. Because of her background, Joyce is able to access resources within the heath care system generally not available to the public. Joyce requires the same level of care, compassion, professionalism, and expertise from her entire team. 

About Medical Care

Advocacy Group

Medical Care Advocacy Group is a team of professionals who help patients navigate the often confusing maze of healthcare information and options. We know how overwhelming it can be because we've worked in the field of healthcare ourselves for decades.


One of our primary goals is to prevent you from having to enter the hospital in the first place by helping you identify early intervention steps you can take, and personal responsibilities you can exercise regarding your own health and wellness..


If, however, you find yourself needing to go to a hospital or rehab, we'll be by your side every step of the way to make sure your journey is smooth and successful. As our patient, your successful outcome is our only priority, and we'll serve as your advocate during the entire process -- including a smooth and safe transition when you're ready to return home. Our goal is to help you achieve the exact results you want, so take hold of our hand with confidence and we'll show you the way.   

We know the best medical professionals

and rehab facilities in the area, so just ask!

"I am grateful for the advice I received from Joyce when I needed to go to rehab after double knee replacement surgery. I had no idea how important skilled therapy would be to my recovery process.


I ended up in the perfect facility and my rehab went quicker than planned, and then Joyce assisted me with my transition back home where more therapy took place.


Her knowledge of the area's facilities and their medical & therapy staffs was invaluable to me and my family. Today I walk with no pain and feel like a new man, and will be forever grateful to Joyce Schmidt for her professional and compassionate guidance during my journey. Without hesitatation I would recommend this wonderful service to anyone."  -- Mark

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